April 24th, 2018


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Our SFMTA “Solves” the BIRD SPIN LIME Chinese Motorized Rental Scooter Problem: A 2,500 Scooter Limit – 24-Month Pilot – Insurance – $25K Annual Fee

April 24th, 2018

Here’s your PowerPoint:



And here’s the news:

permit copy

Let’s see here, can’t say I know what five permits per permit means, but I can take a bite at some of the other stuff:

User Education – Hey knucklehead, wear your helmet and stay off of the sidewalks (at least until the Bird Rides, Inc-“sponsored” AB2989 Assembly Bill gets enacted).

Data Sharing – This should be easy enough, and easier for LIME SPIN BIRD to do than it has been for UBER and Lyft.

Privacy Policy – Yeah, that’s something. I’ve yet to see a short-term rental outfit NOT take for itself YOUR image rights (of YOU on their product), for free (more or less), for life. Sometimes this provision is considered a part of the Privacy Policy and sometimes it’s not. Our SFGov could take steps so that ppl don’t sign away their image rights so easily and without genuine consideration, but I don’t think it will.

Low Income Plan – Most likely this will be an extremely low low-income plan – this could be useful to some when the inevitable massive price increases kick in.

All the deets:

“Pilot Scooter Share Program Permit

Miriam Sorell April 25th, 2018

Engineering, Maintenance, and Safety Committee (EMSC)

Scooter Share Deploys in SF

SFMTA Supports Emerging Mobility

Powered scooters have the potential to provide sustainable and convenient alternatives to driving

Issues With Scooters To Date

Impede pedestrian travel and risk of pedestrian injury

Existing Regulations Govern Usage • Sidewalk Riding Prohibited • Helmet Required • May not obstruct sidewalk

Proposal to Establish Permit • 24 month pilot • Up to 5 permits / 500 scooters per permit • Permit application fee ($5,000) and annual fee ($25,000)

Permit Requirements

Thank You!”

The Locus of Illegal Parking in San Francisco is Telegraph Hill – It Didn’t Use To Be This Way, But the SFMTA Switched Its Approach

April 23rd, 2018

These shots are from a weekend day, therefore you need a residential sticker to park at Coit Tower for free. But almost all of the rides up here lacked a sticker, as they are tourists and of course this is a tourist area.

7J7C3219 copy

7J7C3231 copy

Most Residential Parking Permit areas allow non-millionaire non-residents to park for two or three hours for free, but for some reason, Things Are Different Here, so even two seconds of parking in these spaces can earn you a hefty (84 dollars hefty) parking citation.

I think this is mostly an honor system type of deal, as I’ve never seen a tourist get ticketed. (Perhaps somebody could look into this..)

When Parking on the Sidewalk, Be Sure to Place Your Vehicle Right Next to a Street Tree – And Also, Park Diagonally, to Increase Blocking Opportunities

April 23rd, 2018

I didn’t think I’d make it – thought I’d have to back up and get into the street, but I made it though, like a WWII-era battleship transiting the Panama Canal:

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This isn’t the end of the world, but parking like this is bad for various reasons…

Illegal-Riding LimeBike Motorized Rental Scooter Bro Salmons His Way Up a Parade

April 22nd, 2018

Not to pick on LIME, as this just as easily could have been a SPIN or BIRD bro:

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Oh well.

Ah, Man, All These New Rules for Annual 420 Day are Harshing My Mellow, Man

April 20th, 2018

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Uh Oh: Short Term, Electric-Powered, Rental Bikes / Scooters and THE HELMET ISSUE – How FordGoBike, LimeBikes and BIRD are Handling Things

April 19th, 2018

1) First up are the Ford Motor people – here’s some marketing from them:


See that? It’s Chinatown! Anyway, these fashion models are on 2018 versions of a FordGoBike. Unlike the 2017 versions, which were/are comically heavy and astonishingly expensive (you’ll find out just how much after yours turns up missing and they send you in to the SFPD to file a report), these new rides are electric powered, the better to compete with the new orange-red JUMP! bikes.

But look closer – these tourists packed their helmets. Now that’s some amazing foresight.

Let’s wait and see if this becomes a thing, this carrying a helmet around all day in anticipation of coming across a rental bike thing. (I don’t think it will.)

2. Limebike is giving away helmets I hear. Maybe to their users, maybe in SF, maybe on Sunday. They might be a bit garish, something like this…


…but I won’t laugh at you.

(Is a bike helmet and a scooter helmet the same thing? IDK.)

3.  What’s next, oh BIRD. Look what they’re cooking up for us:

Capturedfsutrd (1)

And here’s the current version of AB2989.


“The bill would, among other provisions, require the minor operator of a standup electric scooter to wear a bicycle helmet while operating the standup electric scooter.”

See how that works? Through this hocus pocus, helmets would no longer be required for adult electric scooter riders on the Streets of California. (Did I say streets? I shoulda said sidewalks, as:

“(b) Except as provided in subdivision (c), a standup electric scooter may be operated on sidewalks and may be parked in the same manner and at the same locations as a bicycle may be parked.
(c) A local authority may adopt rules and regulations by ordinance or resolution prohibiting or restricting persons from riding or propelling a standup electric scooter on highways, sidewalks, or roadways.”)

So there you have it. You can handle the looming HELMET ISSUE through marketing efforts, giveaways, or just going to Sac Town to change laws in order to favor your bidness.

Your choice.

Leaving you with a recent shot of our Fulton Freeway, 30 MPH speed limit:

7J7C2859 copy

Oh, and here’s what the old-fashioned-style GoBikes look like:


The have crazy drivetrains that only make things worse, IMO.

SFMTA Juxtaposition: “Electric Bus” Just One Foot Away from a Big Old Honking Diesel Exhaust Pipe

April 18th, 2018

To be fair, the full phrase on the side of this MUNI bus in SFMTA NewSpeak is Hybrid Electric Bus.

But to be accurate, this is a Diesel Hybrid Bus, IRL.

7J7C3326 copy

Hence the diesel exhaust pipe, one that wouldn’t look out of place on an 80 year old Panzer.

Missed it by that much, SFMTA…

Font Explosion: “Angela ALIOTO for MAYOR – Fearless – Took On Big Tobacco!”

April 18th, 2018

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