Yelp Fraud Involving Robert Redford’s Restaurant in San Francisco?

Here it is, the Kabuki Kitchen, owned by Sundance Studios, at 1865 Post Street in Japantown.

On this night at around 8:00-something PM, it appeared to have just one customer.


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The term “Yelp Fraud” applies to reviews that are deceptive, such as those from a business owner posing as a customer to praise his own products. Do you see any of that possibly going on here?

One recent posting with a five-star rating:

Best of the best! The new Executive Chef Mark Lackie has completely revamped the menu.”

Look a little suspicious to you? Notice any others? Exclamation points are a clue.

As for the restaurant itself, it appears to close early on a regular basis for want of customers.

For what it’s worth, three cheers for SunDance founder Robert Redford and SunDance itself for putting a boatload of money into the Kabuki theatre complex. It must be tough getting a new restaurant off the ground, especially without having a liquor license from the get go. Kabuki Kitchen certainly looks nice, as this photo from Eater SF shows, but $13 burgers might seem too costly for some.

Keep on trying Bob/SunDance! We’re rooting for you.

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