Chris Daly Answers Email from Matier and Ross about SFPD Overtime

Supervisor Chris Daly is not known for mincing words. See exactly why, after the jump.

Chris Daly with son Jack at the California Democratic Convention in San Jose.


Another screwdriver” 

It’s been nearly a year since I last spoke to either Phil Matier or Andy Ross, the bottom-feeders of the San Francisco Chronicle. But I have to admit, they are persistent. In addition to their regular calls to my cell phone, they now have taken to emailing me. I thought that it may be fun to use this forum to respond…

Supervisor Daly, how you doing — I wanted to ask you about issue of Olympic torch run, and the fact that all the demonstrations will likely mean lots of police overtime. POA contends that board decries police overtime, then encourages demonstations (sic) here that require large police presence and hence lots of overtime? Any response to Gary Delagnes and Co.??? Feel free to call or write. Thanks, Andy Ross (777-xxxx)

Obviously, M&R would love to instigate a little more back and forth between yours truly and Mr. Delagnes. They haven’t had gossip as meaty as Delagnes’ screwdriver bit in a while.

Let me put some facts out there that you’re not likely to read in the gossip columns. This year, the Board approved the largest Police Department budget ever – $407 million! Despite their record budget, the Police Department has already blown $7.5 million past their entire overtime budget. Meanwhile, our City’s homicide rate is through the roof.

And now Delagnes is trying to blame the Board for Police overtime excesses, because we’re alarmed about China’s human rights record?

First, we’ve encouraged no protest that’s contributed to the outrageous Police overtime incurred so far. Second, it is our understanding that Police Department brass have been meeting with the Newsom administration and Chinese officials for months, discussing every detail of the proposed torch route. Meanwhile neither Supervisors nor human rights groups have been involved in these discussions, and we have not been apprised of the proposed route.

I’m forwarding this post to Andy Ross. We’ll see what he does with it.

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