Faces of the anti-Chinese Government Protests of Tibetans in San Francisco

It was a quite a scene yesterday as thousands turned out for anti-government of China protests preceding the controversial China Olympic torch relay.


Click on to see photos of the day.


Click to see high resolution versions. 

Civic Center:




Intrepid photojournalist Luke Thomas in the vanguard, as per usual:go8f2084a.jpg



High above it all on top of the Chinese Consulate:img_1828a.jpg

When did the Unabomber get out? A Sony digital video camera (with Carl Zeiss lens) to record the protesters far below but, sadly, only just an analog TV antenna:


Another worker at the consulate:


Only came out once, as he was a little shy:go8f2106a.jpg

An SFPD “sniper” on a rooftop. Seriously, he’s only a sniper when he pulls out a rifle. Until then he’s just some dude. The SFPD was out in force, with about five times as many people as was probably necessary. go8f2128a.jpg

A boisterous, yet nonviolent, crowd:img_1863a.jpg

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2 Responses to “Faces of the anti-Chinese Government Protests of Tibetans in San Francisco”

  1. janinsanfran says:

    These are simply wonderful shots. Came to see them by way of SF Mike. Ordinarily I’d have been there, but working out of town made me miss all the theater — and passion for liberty.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    thanks Jan, you missed a lot of theatre that day, that’s for sure.