Conan the Provider – Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens New Freeway with Blowtorch

This is no mere ribbon cutting ceremony to open a new $429 million section of freeway approaching the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge. Oh no.

The last step to opening this short but vital stretch of superslab involved Governor Schwarzenegger, cowboy boots, sunglasses and a big blow torch.

[Update: or welding torch, or cutting torch (based upon the O2 trigger) – Arnie’s tool is an oxy-fuel welder of some kind, as commenter Doc helpfully points out. Arnie’s sunglasses actually are sunglasses, but you could say that they were being used as goggles. The light coming from chain didn’t seem all that bright compared to arc welding or whatever. FYI]

Enjoy your new freeway, San Francisco!


Higher rez version after the jump.

Promised you hi rez so here it is, on its side. It’s the only way you’re going to get it. You’re just going to have to deal.

(You know what else is hard to do? Posting pictures of American currency on this website, but that’s another story. Oh well.)

Enjoy Arnold full-size in all his Glory:

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One Response to “Conan the Provider – Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens New Freeway with Blowtorch”

  1. Doc says:

    In all fairness he is holding a welder not a blowtorch and the sunglasses are goggles used to protect the eyes of the worker from the flame – it’s surprising that all the workers around him (as well as the dignitaries) are staring at the flame – a no no when welding.