No More Foxes in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park?

Back in the day, a few years ago, you could see Red Foxes in Golden Gate Park. No longer.

A vixen and her pup in Strybing Arboretum from several years ago:

Some got run over by cars and others might have been poisoned. Seems like they’re no longer around.

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4 Responses to “No More Foxes in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park?”

  1. plug1 says:

    how the hell do you alway run into wild animals at close range?

    are you the horse whisperer? im jealous of your skills.

  2. Luba says:

    Has anyone tried looking for them? That’s horrible!

    I remember one night when I was driving through the park seeing a red fox eating near the back of the Academy of Sciences before they started work on it. I sat there and watched her eating for about 10 minutes before she finally turned and ran away (I’m not sure it was a “she” but I decided it was). It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen in Golden Gate Park. Sad to hear I’ll never see it again.

  3. sfcitizen says:

    thx p1. These particular foxes were out and about in broad daylight on a weekend. They looked hungry.

    Golden Gate park is still capable of supporting foxes but it’s a tough life for them there. We get some more in the future. They’re sort of an exotic species, having been brought here for hunting purposes. thx for your post, I was quite startled to see these two.

  4. Luba says:

    I never realized the foxes were brought here for hunting purposes! But then again, I (for some reason) just didn’t really think too hard about how they got here and assuming they were a native species that somehow managed to magically survive in the park. I did read about at least one fox death due to the poisoning of rats on the park. Three hawks were also poisoned when they ate the poisoned rats. Probably not the best idea to poison an animal that other animals actually prey upon. Anyhow – thanks for the post – it was just a little reminder not to take anything for granted and to appreciate every little thing in the City!