Google Maps Now Shows Real Estate Listings in San Francisco and Beyond

Google Maps just added real estate listings as an optional search.  This comes on the heels of the very useful Google Transit. It seems our Friends at the Googleplex seem to think we want more everything:

Google Maps is evolving from a driving directions and business search tool, to a comprehensive representation of all the world’s information, on a map.” That’s why Google Maps started to integrate different layers of information when you search for an address and it added a new “More” button to enable layers for photos and Wikipedia articles.


Don’t count on this new service to show you a complete picture of the Bay Area real estate scene (there’s no listing shown for Red Rock Island for example), but it’s a great start. You can even refine your search by number of bathroooms, etc. Get started by simply clicking on “Show search options.”

Pretty soon, we won’t need real estate agents or brokers for anything, right?

Welcome to the future!

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One Response to “Google Maps Now Shows Real Estate Listings in San Francisco and Beyond”

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