Peeing Elvises the Sad Legacy of Bay to Breakers 2008

Well, it appears this will be how B2b 2008 will be remembered:

“It’s often called the world’s longest party, but this year’s Bay to Breakers race through San Francisco was anything but fun for the residents, cops and public workers who bore the brunt of the drunken young “runners” who staggered around Golden Gate Park and the city’s west side, relieving themselves wherever it proved convenient.”

Imagine that!

Turkeybot ably captured a fine moment:


The Golden Gate Park Panhandle had far more than ten portajohns set up and waiting to go the night before the big race. But, Matier & Ross report that there were only ten there on the big day. Mmmm, how did that happen?

Speaking of the Panhandle, the half million dollar bathroom in the Panhandle was closed and surrounded by yellow police tape while racers were passing by during the early part of the day. Why was that?


This might have been the only place in Golden Gate park where people weren’t urinating. That’s all part of the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the longtime footrace. Most people had fun though, purported MUNI Meltdown or no.

See you next year!

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One Response to “Peeing Elvises the Sad Legacy of Bay to Breakers 2008”

  1. almansor says:

    San Francisco seems to be populated by an alien race that does not need toilets. Last time I was there (Fisherman’s Warf area) I had to go really, really bad. I tried Starbuck’s, as they always have accessible and clean restrooms. No toilet in that one near Fisherman’s Warf! I spoke with a woman who had a similar experience and found relief at McDonalds… after waiting in line behind a hundred others.

    Eventually I did find relief: I drove a half hour down the penninsula to Woodside; the first gas station I found had a freely accessible restroom. In thanks, I filled my tank there.

    What is the problem with toilets in San Francisco? I will never go there on any kind of vacation or tourism; they have stated loudly and clearly that they HATE me and they want me to stay away and spend my money elsewhere.