Was the Giant Lego Boulder Video Actually Produced by Teak Motion Visuals?

By now you’ve seen the latest viral video recreating Indiana Jones’ famous Boulder Dash? From the Gootube:

“We built a huge LEGO boulder and then made our friend dress up as Indy and run from it. Fun times!

(How respectful the Youtube poster was of our corporate overlords, taking care to CAPITALIZE corporate names.)

Anyway, it sure got plenty of Diggs. 

However, some have alleged that the giant Lego ball was styrofoam and that the makers merely sought to promote a new game. (Who knows, you might like it.)

Irregardless, this has led to confusion on the Internets.   


From Flickr via tillwe, are these LEGO bricks or not? (Commenter Phill says nay. Commenter Martin says it’s Duplo.)

Some appear to have lost their faith in the Web:

Viral is so mid-2000s, now it’s just being exploited and we’re all gonna hate it.

And the famous Laughing Squid is now trying to give credit to the entire crew that pieced together all 5 million Legos, to no avail.

Was Teak Motion Visuals or Teak Films Production behind this corporate subterfuge? Some think Sausalito’s Butler Shine and Stern  (wouldn’t it be nice to be “hanging out on a fucking sailboat, while getting paid coupla hundred an hour“) may have had a hand in it.

Only Time Will Tell.

But in the meantime and while we’re on the topic, take a look at  Teak Motion Visuals’ attempt at verisimilitude. How contrived does this scene appear on a scale from 1 to 10? Can’t you just see the guy with a baseball cap plotting out the most effective bouquet of garbage?

Are we really suppose to listen to this Amazing Group of Talented Creatives, and then “Clean the Bay” and “Start With This Beach?” This particular beach at Crissy Field? Srsly? Until the sexy but trash-strewn drunkfest known as the Bay to Breakers Footrace gets rerouted, the Crissy Field Protection Area will never look like that. (If you want real, then check out San Francisco’s Warm Water Cove – it still looks like this.)  

The makers of these contrived bits probably had a good time getting paid to do them, but when you start fibbing and shilling… Will this LEGO stunt end up on the list of Great Examples of Guerilla Marketing Gone Wrong?


Epic Fail.

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21 Responses to “Was the Giant Lego Boulder Video Actually Produced by Teak Motion Visuals?”

  1. Bruce says:


    I make no claim to knowledge about whether this was just done by some guys having fun or as a marketing tool by Lucas or LEGO, or whether it was actually LEGO through and through or a styrofoam ball with a brick exterior, but I just wanted to point out that capitallizing LEGO isn’t really evidence one way or the other. There’s a pretty big LEGO fan community out there (for instance search LEGO on Flickr), and many of us are pretty consistent in using the capitalization (saying “Legos” with an “s” is also considered a no-no in the fan community). Sure, we may be giving in to the corporate overlords in doing so, but it is pretty standard on the different fan-created websites and forums.

    -one of the admins at http://www.classic-castle.com
    -blogging at vignettebricks.blogspot.com

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Point taken.

    I was thinking these people were supposed to be part of the Maker Community, where a dude and his droogs would do things like this with all their spare time in between Burning Men. But maybe they were supposed to be LEGO freaks.

    The guy who posted this on YouTube isn’t a LEGO freak, I don’t think.

  3. vgfan says:

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s a viral video. After all, they ARE making a Lego Indiana Jones video game.

  4. actionbastard says:

    “Irregardless, this has led to confusion on the Internets.”

    Irregardless? There would be less confusion if you had passed your high school English class.

  5. Phill says:

    FWIW, the photo you chose to illustrate this post is not a picture of LEGO bricks. Also, I imagine an actual brick ball would not be nearly so… chunky.

  6. sfcitizen says:

    Point taken, Phill. I’m an English teacher, not a plastic brick expert. Irregardless, I will accede to your apparent authority.

    The styrofoam ball was chunky for a reason. Each block was meant to represent a single brick scaled up. Thusly:

    Almost as if a “full service ad agency” were getting paid to get the word out on this new video game…

  7. siouxgeonz says:

    Oooohhhh… use of the subjunctive. *Almost* relieves the ‘irregardless’ pain.

  8. Roksx says:

    I’m not even English and I know that irregardless is not an existing word.. No child left behind eh?

  9. Martin says:

    LEGO produces a larger version of their bricks. It’s called Duplo.
    And I think that is what is on the image, so technically I think it still classifies as a LEGO brick.

    Look here for more info : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplo

  10. Irregardless says:

    Irregardless is not a word

  11. sfcitizen says:

    What’s with you people?!? Alright, one more ‘plaint about “irregardless” and I’ll change it.

    You people think you’ve got problems?! Huh?

    I just got back from the Oxford English convention in Oxnard and I’m bewildered and confused. You see, I met a special ladyfriend there, and after one thing led to another, I got the purple tube and she ended up with the blue tube of KY yours+mine! http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2008/04/could-this-lubr.html
    That’s exactly the wrong way of doing it!

    Imagine my horror in the cold dawn of day when I discovered the mix-up. I just grabbed my stuff and ran out of the hotel room.

    You think I should call her?

  12. dumn says:

    actually the beauty of the english language is that we can invent words that other people can understand, they eventually end up in the dictionary. Or did you think theres a central commitee that invents new words for us

  13. redumn says:

    re: dumn

    you know, if the spanish language can have an institute for the furtherance of their “native tongue” surely the trade language that has been bastardized to all hell could at least get a group of volunteers. eat. shoots. leaves, mofos – think of the pandas.

    incidentally, the video seems viral, and the patterns on the block DO seem contrived. not to mention that 5 million lego pieces would be extraordinarily heavy.

  14. Jeremy Gregg says:

    Ha! great video, “irregardless” of all the criticism you’ve taken…

    Jeremy Gregg, Editor
    The Raiser’s Razor

  15. Nick says:


    Fucking -seriously-?

    Since we’re discussing EPIC FAIL, I would point out to you that “irregardless” is not a word, and really dings your credibility.

  16. sfcitizen says:

    IRREGARDLESS yesterday,
    IRREGARDLESS forever!

    “Irregardless seems to be moving slowly in the direction of standardization. It has gone from nonexistence in the 1910 publication of Etymological Dictionary of the English Language,[7] to being a normality in modern dictionary publications, and it frequently occurs in edited professional prose. The fact that its listing as a “humorous usage” has practically disappeared today supplies further evidence in favor of acceptance. Some argue that adding a second negative to a word like regardless is a humorous way to illustrate an underabundance of irregard.”

  17. Tailspin says:

    Since we’re discussing EPIC FAIL , Claiming you know what a “word” is really dings your credibility. I looked up word in the dictionary, none of the definitions mentioned we had to run new words by you first. I checked first.gov and the UN’s website for the department of Word Security and could find no trace of them. It seems that anyone, anywhere can create and use any word they wish….IRREGARDLESS of the communicational effectiveness of said word. While your panties are nicely knotted, It turns out there is no Galactic Spelling and Punctuation council either ! Gosh. That seems to imply that theses things you call proper spelling, punctuation, and words, are simply conventions that we are quite free to ignore.

  18. Chris says:

    Irregardless, getting caught creating fake viral advertisements can totally decimate an advertising agency.


  19. sfcitizen says:

    I doubt this particular full service ad agency could be “decimated” by any one particular stunt, but elements of the LucasFilm / LucasArts “empire” seem to be taking an interest today in behavior that famous Boing Boinger Xeni Jardin labelled “douchey” yeasterday.

    The doucheyness isn’t the idea itself, but the execution.

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  21. […] The San Francisco Citizen posts that the work is that of Teak Motion Visual, but BoingBoing has a comment naming Sausalito marketing group “Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.” Either way, what did anyone get out of concealing a potential sponsor (if indeed there was one)? Maybe fewer people would have seen it? It has 800,000 views to date, so maybe it would have lost 10% or 20% of those views if it had a “thanks to (insert sponsor’s name here) for funding this” at the end? Instead we have bad buzz about stealth marketing, specific producers and sponsors.  […]