It’s Come to This: Cadillac and Lamborghini Bicycles

Here’s what’s missing in your life – bicycles from Cadillac or Lamborghini. Get yours from Amazon or the Costco today!

Now when you drive your Lamborghini, you won’t need to stop for petrol. And you can be assured that your bike is the Cadillac of Bikes. But as the Cadillac Man says:

“Our target customer is someone not necessarily bicycle-brand conscious, but brand conscious.”

Oh, snap! That kind of sounds like an insult.


randomduck via Flickr 

Perhaps your new Caddy won’t give you the street cred you so richly deserve, but these branded bikes seem to offer a nice alternative to spending 400 bones at Valencia Cyclery. Actually, it seems that these two-wheelers are all sourced from Taiwan, or China (or one of the Chinas anyway), so prices seem fairly reasonable.  

Plus, you can get a back rest (just like an office chair!) for the saddle of your full suspension ride. Wouldn’t that impress everyone at the next Urban Bike Training session put on by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

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