Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Campaigning at the Steps of San Francisco’s City Hall.

Cindy Sheehan and one of her intrepid supporters at the main entrance of City Hall during today’s primary election:  


(She had at least two other boosters in the area talking with potential voters at this very moment.)

Cindy has been running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the past eleven months, to the consternation of some. Back in the day, one wag called pushing for impeachment of George W. Bush the “Dumbest Move the Dems Could Make.” Shirley Golub and Cindy Sheehan obviously disagree with that.

But Nancy seems to be weathering this storm well:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in her 10th term, easily beat back local Democratic activist Shirley Golub in San Francisco’s 8th Congressional District. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Pelosi had 89 percent of the vote and Golub had 11 percent. Peace activist Cindy Sheehan is making plans to challenge Pelosi as an independent in November but was not on Tuesday’s primary ballot.  

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63 Responses to “Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Campaigning at the Steps of San Francisco’s City Hall.”

  1. RAH says:

    A delusional person that demeaned her son’s duty and sacrifice. This is her just deserts.

  2. Fred says:

    An army of one. F

  3. Micah says:


  4. Bildo says:

    Poor misguided fool.
    She let herself believe she was important.

  5. GG says:

    Lol, 15 minutes of fame are over, take down the circus tents.

  6. Choey says:


  7. Kevin says:

    A fitting end to a disgraceful woman.

  8. winston says:

    Moonbats suck

  9. winston says:

    Moonbats suck so bad

  10. 1SG Vance says:

    I honor her son’s service and sacrifice.

    I do not honor her ‘exploitation’ of her son!

    She ‘should’ be ashamed of herself!

  11. Norman Conquest says:

    You just knew the left would dump her like used food when the story line changed. Wonder how many meetings she’ll get with Candidate Obama?

  12. Randall Smith says:

    She exploited her son’s death? How about Bush exploited her son’s death!

    She has paid the highest price anyone could, she can say what the hell she wants to!

    You ALL are disgraceful!

  13. Hogarth says:

    She has done a public service. She has shown that there is at least one person that would be a bigger embarrassment in our gov’t than the idiot she’s running against.

  14. JM says:

    Yeah, who does she think she is? Trying to make the world a better place?
    You know, the people disparaging her are not only a blight on this country, they’re disgusting human beings.

  15. Clyde says:

    Cindy! Because she’s good enough, she’s smart enough, and doggone it, people like her… Oops, that’s been used, hasn’t it? And she’d be 0-for-3 anyway…

  16. Jarhead68 says:

    Oh…I thought it was going to be Cindy McCain…;-)

  17. Nick says:

    Hillary Clinton gets the reputation of being tenacious, of never giving up despite the odds. She has earned that reputation. Yet, in that realm, I suddenly find that I have more respect for Cindy. But looking at that picture, I don’t think anyone can say she is not tenacious and driven.
    to be honest, I can’t even remember her position other than “out of Iraq NOW”. I just have an unflattering image of her, and I can’t remember why. Perhaps some of the rhetoric she chooses to use is over the top, but I can’t remember any specifics. Maybe that is the second saddest part of her story, (obviuosly the loss of her son and too many of his commrades being the first).

  18. Skyfox says:

    Another leftist icon kicked to the curb when their usefulness is over. So sad that she is left with nothing but her memories and her grief, but she picked the wrong enemy to fight. Her son knew the real enemy.

  19. Dr. Robotnik says:

    This picture reminds me of the photo of her book signing. She was sitting in a banquet tent with a couple of reporters, a stack of books, and rows of empty chairs to stare at. Sorry… at which to stare.

  20. Gary says:

    Defeat is lonely.

  21. J says:

    What is even worse is that Pelosi and the Democrat mouthpiece, the mainstream media (MSM), used Cindy to no end – they royally exploited her. The Democrat machine and its leading politicians will use anyone, any group, anywhere, anytime to push their anti-Bush, anti-American, socialist agenda.

    Cindy was a pawn from the beginning.

  22. Saxon Marauder says:

    She and Hillary should start a club for deluded women used by the Democratic party.

  23. joseph canouse says:

    Why is this any sadder than having Nancy Pelosi as your representative? the sad part is the entire district and their anti-american, unamerican self-loathing constituency. Cindy is disgraceful; Nancy is a buffoon (thanking Iran for limiting violence in Iraq; going to Syria, etc.) and there is noone who steps up in that district to take them on. The sooner that cesspool floats into the ocean the safer and healthier our country on whole will be.

  24. Cowgirl says:

    The Hippies and Red Diaper Doper Babies of the 60’s were wrong then and they are wrong now. They just can’t accept it. Mother Sheehan is a shining example of the 60’s gone wrong. Thank you Casey Sheehan for all you did for your fellow-soldiers and this country. You made the ultimate sacrific. Without people like you, the United States would not exist. God Bless you.

  25. bigbooner says:

    She reminds me of Hillary. Doesn’t know when to give it up.

  26. JeanE says:

    She didn’t approve of her son’s choice to join the miliatry and she never supported the war in Iraq . When her son was kiiled in action, it is not surprising that she would feel he had been taken from her and sacrificed in a meaningless war. What is shameful is the way that she was exploited by those who cared only about bringing Bush down.
    While I don’t agree with her policies, her determination is admirable. She TRULY believes that the US should never have gone to Iraq and that we should bring the troops home ASAP. When it became clear that her “supporters” had no intention of using their power and position to work toward those goals unless it helped them politically, she challenged them for office. Unlike many who serve in Congress, she at least sees the troops as people, not as pawns in a game for political power.

  27. Keith Olbermann Huffs ass says:

    She has paid the highest price anyone could, she can say what the hell she wants to!

    She can and so she does. That does not make what she says right and people wrong for calling her on it. She was used to advance a cause that failed and is no use to the ones advancing it any more.

  28. The Lone Ranger says:

    Crazy people have special places to live…..a she’s crazy!

    I bet she’ll end up in a nut house as she gets older….she’s obviously lost her mind.

    You know, I was reading some of the notes that people were writing abt
    that picture….these folks are so naive. They say, “she gave the ultimate sacrifice therefore she can say what she wants”. Well she didn’t, her son gave the ultimate sacrifice….but the constitution gives her the right to freedom of speech…not her son’s scrifice. No one is keeping her from speaking, we’re all just trying to point out the fact that the woman has lost her freakin’ mind due to her actions and words. Have any of you lefties her her speak lately?
    One lady writes: “you all are disgraceful”. so i guess cindy has a right to freedom of speech but not the people who disagree with her????

    ….oh that’s right….we’re dealing with liberals here…..there’s a double standard.
    I almost forgot!

  29. Tony Fotia says:

    Sheehan disgraced herself, not her son. He was a hero for serving his country. She is a disgrace for giving comfort to our enemies in time of war.

  30. Mac says:

    “She reminds me of Hillary. Doesn’t know when to give it up.”

    Now that the Dems have rode her hard and put her away wet, she’d be hard put to find someone to take it even if she did want to give it up.

  31. Alamo says:

    To you moonbats who would defend “Cindy the The Saint”, Casey’s father (who actually raised him) believes that Ms, Sheehan has dishonored his memory because she desired notoriety. She is a disgrace

    And receiving her due. She will fade away into the obscurity.

  32. ifi says:


  33. clazy says:

    One day Cindy may realize her son is gone.

  34. GarandFan says:

    “Higher moral authority”. “Make the world a better place”. Yeah, maybe she can get Hugo to give her some money to keep her campaign going.

    The sad part is that there is no difference between Cindy and Nancy.

  35. John E. Smoke says:

    She ought to build up a personality cult around herself and give speeches with empty rhetoric, using words like ‘Hope!’ and ‘Change!’ Then everyone would love her.

  36. buzz says:


    You stupid moonbat, no one is saying she can’t say whatever she wants.

    She suffered a terrible loss, but she didn’t “pay a price”. Her son did. He went at his own choosing, without her consent.

    Oh, and how did Bush “exploit” her son’s death? (I fully understand that you don’t think the war was justified, Bush lied, war for oil, neocons, blah, blah, blah. But I’m asking you a specific question.)

  37. Nunca says:

    Well, she might be an improvement over Pelousy

  38. A sad end to what started out quite well.

    Thank you to her son, for volunteering to serve his country.

  39. retro says:

    Well, all is not lost. There’s still that reserved spot in front of the Marine Recruiting station waiting for her.

    Oh, and Randall. Put down the bong – the party is over.

  40. SGT Ted says:

    She wasn’t the “peace mom”. She was the “pro-jihadi mom” who called AQI “freedom fighters” and snuggled up with anti-American Communist dictator Hugo Chavez. She is a fool.

    She was lauded by the usual suspects only because she opposed the Iraq mission. There are plenty of “pro-freedom for Iraqi’s” mom’s who have lost their children, but we never hear from them or see them on the news and we never will, unless it’s to show them as victims of “Bushes War”.

    But at least her campaign shows that yes, you could indeed get worse than Nancy Pelosi as a representative.

  41. winter says:

    If you left wing moonbats like her, then why are you not there supporting the lady?

    Kinda hurts to know you are all empty words, and no deeds.

  42. ConcernedCitizen says:

    No matter what excuse people bring up. Nobody FORCED HER son to REENLIST or enlist in the first place. I honor his sacrifice as a fellow current Army enlisted but his mom went to far. I do not like the war or any war, but the job is not a bed of roses. It doesn’t matter if the CIC is a idiot or something else. Or by her logic, maybe cops, firefighters, teachers, and many other people who have hazardous jobs should just quit when the going gets tough.

  43. Owl Stretching Time says:

    Wow. Even Mr. Bilter and Mr. Bimmler campaigning on the National Bocialist ticket had more of an audience than that.

  44. Just A Grunt says:

    Actually I wish she would beat Nancy Pelosi. It would move Nancy out of being third in line to the presidency, I don’t know which moonbat would then take her place, and it would be fun to see Cindy getting slapped down on a daily basis by people with, you know, some semblance of intelligence.

  45. kbiel says:

    How about this for a campaign slogan:

    Vote for more crazy and less botox!

  46. Norman Conquest says:

    Cindy hasn’t “paid the highest price anyone can pay.” Casey paid the highest price anyone can pay. His father — and al the rest of his family — honors his sacrifice and the reasons for that choice. His mother trades on his memory to contradict his voice.

  47. mark c says:

    Scotty Mcclellan will be by to pick her up in the Oblivion Express in about 3 news cycles.

  48. James Nightshade says:

    It’s sad. The Democrats never saw this poor misguided woman as anything more than a political tool. Now that they are in power and she is no longer convenient, they have discarded her.

  49. than you says:

    based upon the comments on this board, i have now decided to move elsewhere and allow you bastards to wallow in your own decadence and perverse pseudo self-righteousness. if you think its about right vs. left, you are part of the problem. enjoy your hubris while you still barely can.

  50. John says:

    Since when does the death of her son give her the right to talk with people like Hugo Chavez? That has nothing to do with Iraq. How about all of her other anti-American positions that had nothing to do with Iraq? All she wanted was her fifteen minutes and they came and went and so, now, does she. Good riddance to her and her ilk.

  51. AntiFreep says:

    Since the hard-core pro-war, Bushies have become an endangered species, I have to assume all of you have made to this site to show the world that people have not evolved very far, at all. Thanks, Mouth Breathers, for reminding us what makes you tick. Hate, with no thought.

  52. David "Skinner" Allen says:

    The Ditch Witch is nothing more than your typical left-winger; individuals who view themselves as being the intelligensia regarding events and issues they can’t even begin to comprehend. Nice side show, good for a few laughs, but ultimately to be marginalized and kicked into a corner. Thus is the life of a liberal.

    Adios, Cindi Lou. Now that you served your purpose, Democrats/liberals could care less if you fell over dead.

  53. Harvey says:

    Cindy Sheehan is just further proof that the far left can equally be as goofy as the far right. She’s standing on her brave dead son’s grave only to promote her leftist political agenda. The only good thing is that she hasn’t got a chance in Hell in defeating Nancy Pelosi. I mean even in San Francisco there just aren’t that many crazy people! The sooner she crawls back into the woodwork with the other termites the happier most of us will be!

    Harvey King

  54. Jack Stack says:

    Where were all those peace activists, war protestors, Bush haters, crazed movie stars and Democrats who turned Cind Sheehan into an icon. I guess the parade’s passed her by now that she is of no further use. Poor Cindy, whom I think was deranged by her son’s death, would only get a reaction if she posed a serious threat to Pelosi and then the hate filled nut case Blogs like Kos and Huffington and the Democratic Party hate machine (you know the one that knifed Hillary and Bill) would go into full gear to destroy her. My advice is “Go Home” and try to pick up the pieces of your life.

  55. hard-core pro-war Bushie says:

    AntiFreep I have an idea why don’t you go live in a country with a brutal oppressive regime and see how long it takes for you to be horrified, flee the place and thank God that there is at least one person in this world standing up to terrorist bastards and their backers. Hate doesn’t make me tick, denying people their right to freedom does. Common sense obviously is not your strong point.

    John McCain 2008.

  56. Charie says:

    The liberals here can write “hate, hate, hate” until your fingers fall off, but the fact remains that the Republicans didn’t use Cindy, Democrats and far left liberals did. They also exploited her hero son for their own purposes.

    Casey was not forced to join the military. He did it because he thought he was protecting his family and fellow Americans. And he was.

    His mother allowed herself to be exploited by the far left to the extent that at a speech given at Berkeley, questioners in her audience forced her to say, during a Q & A, that Casey was just another murdering soldier. (paraphrasing) And she said it. It was on YouTube. This was the ultimate treason.

    I won’t condemn her for that and her anti-American actions. I think that will be taken care of in the future.

  57. old dad says:

    She has paid the highest price anyone could, she can say what the hell she wants to!

    Her SON ‘paid the price’ so she can say what she wants. We have NO obligation to take any notice of her. That, too is part of ‘the price’.

  58. Bill Fall says:

    Idiots come and idiots go. It is time for this idiot to go.

  59. global_freezing says:

    Cindy went to Egypt in Feb 2008 in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and Cindy noticed that they did not shake her hand.

    How much lower can Cindy go? She can take a ship to Gaza, I hear that one is leaving in August 2008. That would just about sum it all up for her and Gaza.

  60. Dede says:

    That picture was taken early in the day. The campaign was gathering signatures to get Cindy on the ballot for November. More than 300 people signed on that day. The overwhelming feedback we get out on the campaign trail is that a majority of the people in SF and the country are tired of Nancy Pelosi. Thank you for the opportunity to respond

  61. Republicans4CindySheehan says:

    Mmmm …. hellloooo!!

    Let me say this slowly: Conservatives – should – vote – for – Cindy – Sheehan.

    Sign the petition.

    It doesn’t take Karl Rove to figure it out, does it?

  62. Republicans4CindySheehan says:

    Is it possible that I am the anly rational individual to think of this? Any conservative who has the intestinal fortitude to live in the eighth district should immediately go sign that petition and do everything they can to get Mother Sheehan on the ballot.

    Do the words “Operation Chaos” mean nothing to you?

  63. Kathy Harrington says:

    In April, 2006, I met Cindy Sheehan at the Santa Barbara memorial on the beach, where, each Sunday, they observed “Arlington West”, by placing white crosses on the beach to represent the war dead. I don’t know, but I think that by now there isn’t enough beach space left for all the crosses.

    I was visiting my daughter, from New Jersey and we happened upon the event while touring. Having lost a daughter when she was 25, I went up to her and told her that I, too, was a mother of a child who died too soon, although not in the armed services.

    I still feel the squeeze of her hand in mine, and her hug of blessing and understanding as the mother of a deceased child. She had just finished addressing a large crowd on the beach, where she read a letter written by Casey’s sister.

    She was wearing her safari hat, as as I looked into her eyes I felt love and compassion that I won’t ever forget.

    Whatever anyone thinks of her stand and actions is totally overshadowed by the god-like love of a mother whose child is dead and who finds the strength and grace to get out of bed in the morning.