People, Please Stop Buying from the Dollar Menu!

No, you can’t has double cheezburger. At least that’s what some McDonalds¬†and Burger King franchisees would like to tell you when you only order off of the “dollar menu.” Why’s that, you say? Aren’t they making money off of the deal?

Well, sure they’re making money, but not as much as they’d like to wring out of you on each of your visits.


BILLBINNS vis flickr¬†(actually, that’s exactly what one should expect after ordering a DCB at MCD, right?)

San Francisco used to have the World’s Smallest Burger King (but no longer, thanks to a Kramer-esque campaign). So you’ll have to search around for the Dollar Menu, but take advantage of this good deal while you can.

Stick it to the man!

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