Another Coyote Killed in San Francisco, Coyote Summit to be Held on June 19th.

Well here’s the headline: “Hunters Shoot Aggressive Coyotes in Presidio” (They probably mean coyote in the singular, as only one critter was shot.) Here’s a mental exercise – substitute in the word “dogs” when you see “coyotes”:

Anyone who thought urban coyotes could learn to live in harmony with people in the city got a jolt of reality this week.

Of course dogs have killed more people than coyotes in San Francisco the past 100 years, don’t you know. Just a little perspective.

KCBS reports that a Coyote Summit will be held soon:

Coyotes have become such a growing problem in San Francisco that a special summit will be held this month, on how to deal with the creatures as they become increasingly bold. At the summit, which will be held on June 19th, Fish and Game, and animal experts from surrounding jurisdictions, will begin developing procedures on dealing with problem coyotes.

Here’s one of the coyotes that was shot and killed last year in Golden Gate Park:


As long as we don’t feed them, things should work out. Don’t get too excited. These animals aren’t big like wolves, so mostly people just ignore them. Mostly.


Can’t we all get along?

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