Fabulous New Contemporary Art Museum Coming to San Francisco’s Presidio

Plans for fixing up the Presidio are afoot. You like modern art, right? Well then brace yourself for the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (CAMP) (or “Contemporary Art Museum Presidio” as the Chron refers to it).  

Will northern San Francisco be flooded with people like this on a daily basis? Well sure, but it’s only going to be a thousand or so extra folks per day, if you average it out.

Still afraid of the future? Then check out some of the stuff that will be finally be open to public access via a well-made video of Art Critic Kenneth Baker and famous GAP-per Don Fisher. Or take a look at related documents and see the schedule for the upcoming walking tours.

Oh, that’s right, you don’t mind art, but it’s that crazy new building that’s the issue? Here’s a photo of a photo illustration (which probably shouldn’t be labeled a “photo” but oh well) that shows one possible layout. Or check out this view below. That’s not so scary, is it?


Of course not. See? You were worried over nothing. Let’s take a few more views. Here’s Christmas present (click to expand):


And here is Christmas future (note the cut-and-cover tunnel where wobbly Doyle Drive used to be and an assortment of birds with 50-foot wingspans):


But before anything gets started, the people in charge of the Presidio will make sure that all voices are heard so everything is nice and legal. To wit, here’s the Presidio Trust Executive Director (and UC Santa Barbara alum) Craig Middleton accepting input from local residents just last week:


Plans for improving the Presidio have been brewing for a while and now things are approaching a full boil. Now’s your chance to get involved, if you want. Your choice.

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