San Francisco Celebrates John Wayne’s Birthday with a Water Balloon Fight.

Despite the admonishments, it was the Mexicans vs. the Texans last night in Alamo Square at the John Wayne Memorial Water Balloon Fight.


Sadly, some noncombatants got soaked. This woman with a microphone, Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV, is seen here about to receive another blow from a two-pound water balloon. She also took hits from a few Super Soakers. [UPDATE: Irina might have gotten more than she bargained for, but she was a good sport nvrthlss.] 

There were no reports of injuries. The Duke would be proud.


Interviewer: Can you tell us what you remember about the battle?

Czernek: We’d been fighting for a while. On the seventh day we ran out of ammo. We had to scavenge all we could from the weapons that had been left behind. Pistols, shotgun rounds, a handful of grenades

Interviewer: Do you remember where you were?

Czernek: When Master Chief armed his grenade, I was in the back of an overturned Warthog, firing an M41.

Interviewer: How did you manage to keep it together?

Czernek: We knew Master Chief was still in the fight. He gave us hope.

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One Response to “San Francisco Celebrates John Wayne’s Birthday with a Water Balloon Fight.”

  1. um, the woman with the microphone is me reporting on the battle for Geek Entertainment Television :) the footage we shot should be up today or tomorrow!