Play Volleyball with a Medicine Ball – It’s HooverBall in San Francisco

The sport of Hooverball has found it’s way to San Francisco.

Hoover-ball is a medicine ball game invented by Herbert Hoover‘s personal physician to help keep then-President Hoover fit. In general, the game is played on a volleyball type court of grass or sand and involves throwing a heavily weighted medicine ball over the net. Officially, in Hoover-ball, the medicine type ball weighs about six pounds, and is thrown over an eight-foot volleyball type net.

Here’s what HB looks like in action. Check out some more short videos here and here.


Click to expand. Throwing around the old six-pound medicine ball in the Panhandle section of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

What’s holding you back? Start your own league today. Amazon will sell you a ball for like ten bucks.

Game on!

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2 Responses to “Play Volleyball with a Medicine Ball – It’s HooverBall in San Francisco”

  1. Kakalina says:

    Sounds a little dangerous. Couldn’t you break your arms or something?

  2. sam says:

    This sounds like a good idea, maybe i will try it some day! thank you!