Check out the Presidio Main Post via Free Walking Tours this Summer

Well, as promised, park officials over at the Presidio led a tour on Sunday describing new proposals for the area around the Main Post.

Yesterday, a good turnout of about 75 people went on a 1.5 hour tour of El Presidio and the Main Post. Tour participants inside the Presdio Officer’s Club, click to expand:


It’s your Presdio, of course, so feel free to attend other walking tours scheduled for this summer:

Come see for yourself what proposals for the Presidio are all about. On this easy-to-moderate 90-minute guided walk, Presidio Trust staff will describe the birthplace of San Francisco at the heart of the Presidio – the historic Main Post – and discuss ideas for revitalizing it as the heart of an urban national park. Learn about proposals for a heritage center, an archaeology lab, public uses in the iconic brick barracks, a park lodge, reuse of the historic theatre, and a museum of contemporary art. Get answers to your questions and find out how you can make your opinions heard in this public process.


July 14th will be the next big event in the process of Bringing Back the Heart of the Presidio, as they say.

See you there!

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2 Responses to “Check out the Presidio Main Post via Free Walking Tours this Summer”

  1. Remember, though, that these tours are organized and scripted to sell the idea of a 100,000 square foot contemporary art museum unrelated to the historic site. The National Park Service has warned that the National Historic Landmark protection of the Presidio may be removed if this huge building is built as the Presidio Trust – the hosts of these walks- plans to do despite overwhelming opposition from the public.

  2. What a crock. These walks are pure BS designed to “sell” the Fisher Museum. The guide understates everything wrong about the art museum idea or the idea of a big hotel in front of the flagpole. There are no markers to show where things will be or how big they will be, if these huge projects are built. Don’t be fooled by Trust propaganda- just look at the announcement for the walk. The humongous museum is barely mentioned. In their propaganda drawings, the perspective of a wide angle lens makes it look insignificant. Have your tour guide walk off the dimensions of the art museum, and you will see how huge it is. BE WARNED. These walks come with a lot of snow.