Build a Trail, Go to Jail in Marin County, the Home of Mountain Biking

Only in Marin! That’s right, Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking, and home to nuclear-tipped missiles, endangered deer, and marauding mountain lions (nee cougars), can’t abide you people building your own single-track MTB trails.

Michael Philip More is getting a ten-day jail sentence for illegally building a quarter-mile trail at the end of Robinhood Drive in San Rafael.    

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Approximate path of the trail – the white line is a quarter-mile long

Does Michael More wish there were more singletrack MTB trails in Marin? Given that MTBers are mostly confined to fire roads in Marin County, signs point to yes.

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2 Responses to “Build a Trail, Go to Jail in Marin County, the Home of Mountain Biking”

  1. thither says:

    The biker vs hiker vs horseback rider wars are alive and well in Marin County! But really, this guy sounds like a bit of an ass – I sympathize with wanting more trails for mountain biking, but just hacking one out is profoundly selfish and disrespectful.

  2. b-rad says:

    Thats Bullshit, there is hardly any single track in the bay area that it is legal to ride a bike on, a 10 day jail sentence is completely bogus, a fine would be appropriate.