San Francisco Hipsters Descend Upon the AMC Pacer Classic Car

This was the scene on Haight Street the other day – four urban youths inside of one AMC Pacer. This thing was advertised as the “first wide small car,” and maybe it was. Back in the day, certainly, it was wide enough for the Sandwich King. And these days, a Pacer is good enough to get you into the Nor Cal AMC Club.

Perhaps Google could start using these cars to carry their Street View equipment around? Compared to brand-new, bright red hybrid Priuseses, a fleet of old Pacers might attract less attention from John Law.

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They loved it in France, for some reason.


Let’s say au revoir to les hipsters de Haight Street. Pretty soon, everybody will have one.


Headrests are for squares of course.  Stay safe in your two-ton fishbowl!

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One Response to “San Francisco Hipsters Descend Upon the AMC Pacer Classic Car”

  1. Well, Pacers don’t quite weigh two tons; more like about 3400 pounds. The glass alone accounts for one hundred fifty pounds of the total weight! But fill it with 4 kids and 22 gallons of gas and it probably does weigh two tons. Without dark window tint on the side and rear glass, I call it a greenhouse. Still, you gotta love ’em! The Pacer is the world’s favorite quirky car.
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