How Dasani, Fiji and Evian WON’T replace Exxon, BP and Shell

Or, How the Examiner Embarrasses Itself With Japanese Water Car Story.

Now, over at the Denver Green Living Examiner, writer “Linnae Selinga-Puyear” has this bit called “How Dasani, Fuji and Evian will replace Exxon, BP and Shell.” (Of course she probably means Fiji Water and not Fuji, but let’s not dwell on that as it’s probably equally stupid to get your drinking water either from the slopes of Mount Fuji or from the South Pacific.)

As stated before, you can use water to make a car go down the road, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s powered by water. If the Genepax company in Osaka, Japan were claiming something along the lines of cold fusion, then there’d be a chance, an incredibly small chance, but still a chance they might actually have something.

Is this a real Japanese Water Car?


It must be tough to come up with “something green” on a regular basis for today’s demanding readers. Even if you’re sort of joking around, you’ve got to try harder to show you don’t believe in fairy tales. Especially automotive-related fairy tales in the age of $5 per gallon gasoline.

Don’t you think?  

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2 Responses to “How Dasani, Fiji and Evian WON’T replace Exxon, BP and Shell”

  1. Dear San Francisco Citizen,

    Thank you for pointing out my embarrassing spelling mistake and for explaining the semantics of “water-powered”. One of my very educated and polite readers had left a series of comments detailing why it was impossible, uneconomical and even ungreen to create a water-powered car.

    I hope that you will enjoy future posts that are non-controversial and unquestionably true.

    Linnae Selinga-Puyear
    Denver Green Living Examiner

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Aint no thang.

    Impossible is the word. Why would the Reuters crew cover the story the way they did? The world wonders.

    What about fijigreen? Say something controversial about why don’t you?

    If you want. Stay smooth.