The San Francisco Bomb Squad Takes a Slow Drive Through Golden Gate Park

Details are a little sketchy, but the San Francisco Bomb Squad has just picked up a “package” and is taking it on a slow tour through Golden Gate Park. [UPDATE: The whole affair ended “peacefully” per KGO-TV]

Why the scenic route? So if it goes kaboom, it won’t hurt you all.

This was the scene at 6:30 PM, near the de Young Museum. Click to expand:


The starting location on Carl between Frederick and Williard:


Sarge in the front, mortar in the back:


The sticker on the red metal bucket says: “I HEART EXPLOSIVES.” (Don’t we all.) From a couple hundred feet away:


A bald eagle, sticks of dynamite and the Golden Gate Bridge:


Keep up the good work, San Francisco Bomb Squad!

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