Wonderful Spork Restaurant on Valencia is Highly Amusing

Spork restaurant at 1058 Valencia near 21st in the Mission was new last year, but there have been some changes since then so let’s take a look, why not.

PAUL REIDINGER over at the Bay Guardian did an excellent job with his review – check here. Now you’re on the trolley.

Zagat Online has some photos, but their sample menu seems a tad out of date. (This menu here is au courant) Find out if Zagat’s “SporkLover” likes Spork by clicking here. Surprised?

You’ll see the dishes after the jump. Everything was uniformly good and they have a nice beer menu, but some people think the prices might be a bit on the high side.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself to check out this refurbished KFC at least once. It’s highly amusing.  


Photos of the food, yes food porn, after the jump.

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It’s all about the spork, made in South Korea:


Original Recipe Pull Apart Rolls with whipped honey butter and sea salt. Price? “$0” is printed on the menu so you might need to ask for them, but they are free. 


Hawaiian Sashimi, sushi grade kona kampachi, avocado, radish, daikon sprouts, habanero vinaigrette:


In-side-Out Burger, a fork and knife burger with all natural grass fed patties, caramelized onions, tillamook cheddar, smashed fries:


Mussels and Pork with a Spork, Mediterranean mussels, slow roasted pork, Belgian beer, green beans, smoked chili aioli:


Donuts, mmmm….donuts:


Pot Brownie, the hot part is hot and the cold part is cold, as it should be:


And instead of mints après-dinner, you get tiny tiny choco burgers. Tres chic:


All right, see you there!

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