Former Mayor Willie Brown Somewhat Dubious of Recent Changes in Civic Center

Some people in San Francisco aren’t fully supporting the new/old Victory Garden concept that’s currently changing the appearance of the Civic Center.

 “You start having cows and chickens and goats and other things at Civic Center, ” Brown said, “and I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

But others have already started bringing their farm animals down to City Hall:


Pastoral, bucloic San Francisco, here we come. Victory over “corporate food systems” is just around the corner.

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4 Responses to “Former Mayor Willie Brown Somewhat Dubious of Recent Changes in Civic Center”

  1. vanderleun says:

    Excellent. Now chickens can join the homeless in crapping on the city sidewalks.

  2. jeff says:

    Sheep!…We need sheep!, and then bring the Wile E Coyotes down from GG Park and it will be a complete entertainment center. Put it on the net, live

  3. jack barry says:

    How much of the food garden will be left to grow, when the local lowlife come foraging at night.?

    A small “demonstration garden”, under lock and key…would be ok… The Main purpose: beauty and restfulness, tranqulity…should remain, even if the lawn goes.

    Lawns are an East coast thing… We have Madrid’s climate. We should look to their instincts on civic beauty….not to those of the transplanted New Yorkers, and Bostonians whose original preferences were applied.

  4. Jerry Jarvis says:

    At least now I know what they are doing.