Living Off The Grid Yet On The Streets of San Francisco

Lots of people would like to live in San Francisco, but rents can be high. So, some just get an RV and just put it in a place where it’s free to park overnight. Which is pretty much everywhere in San Francisco.

Get a quiet Blue Max generator (chugga chugga chugga...) to keep your laptop charged up (but don’t tell the CARB!) and find a free source of WiFi, and then you’ll stay connected when you’re living rent-free in the City. Off the grid.


Still life in mobile homes.

You should be fine as long as you don’t try this in the Sunset district, where they’d run you out of town in a New York minute.

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One Response to “Living Off The Grid Yet On The Streets of San Francisco”

  1. rOyhio says:

    Got any suggestions for good flat streets that aren’t crowded?