Masked Bandit Caught at San Francisco Fine Arts Museum

Caught on film, that is. This cute raccoon felt right at home cruising around the grounds of the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. Raccoons seem to love living on the streets of the City, so there’s a lot of them around. Especially at night.

The NIMBYs must have had a fit when they saw this glass pyramid on the grounds of a historic museum: 


Sometimes, it’s a regular raccoon party up there.  So be on the lookout for these “pushing hungry” critters the next time you’re doing an illicit midnight photo shoot at the ‘zeum.

The vary same bandit, from last year:


via panavatar’s photostream 

But San Francisco wants you to stay away from these wild animals, on account of the possibilty of them transmitting rabies. Fair enough.

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