San Francisco’s Japantown Could Use a Starbucks, or something

Post Street in Japantown could use a Starbucks, or something along the lines of a Third Place environment. It might liven things up. Maybe they could put it here in this empty windblown storefront at 1600 Webster? Oh, that’s right, Starbucks got run out, out, out of the area not too long ago.

But these days, coffee shops owners are welcoming Starbucks into their nabes. How did this merchant fare when the Big S moved in next to his store?

I didn’t suffer whatsoever. Ultimately I prospered, in no small part because of it.”

Well, O.K. then.


J-Town needs to get more foot traffic on Post Street to help ameliorate the effects of terrible choices (concrete mini-mall, etc…) made four decades ago.  A Starbucks, or something like it, could be a good thing.

Just saying… 

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