Yet Another Car Accident on Bloody Masonic Avenue in San Francisco

[UPDATE: Well it looks like we’re going to get a median with trees planted plus wider sidewalks, which of course will take up more space. The sidewalks on the west side aren’t all that wide, but man, on the east side, they are superwide right now. A dedicated bike lane uphill where the wide sidewalk is now and a bus bike lane downhill could do the trick. We’d lose some trees. In the meantime, would could make biking on the sidewalk legal here – state law allows us to do that. I always cyclists on the sidewalk and I’ve never seen anybody cited. Anyway, from Fulton on up to Turk, the sidewalk is the way to go…]

So far this year, the big news regarding the traffic situation on Masonic Avenue is a reduction in the speed limit to a maximum of 25 MPH.

Mission Accomplished?

One of this morning’s accidents on Masonic:


It seems there’s still room for improvement on this street.

Now back in the day, there were plans for a Panhandle Freeway(!), so it’s not like some traffic czar organized the streets in this area in a coherent fashion. We have what, we have by “accident,” mas o menos.

Is it too late for wholesale changes to the way Masonic is laid out?

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2 Responses to “Yet Another Car Accident on Bloody Masonic Avenue in San Francisco”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    Masonic Ave. is a major north/south street, so why would you expect to never have any accidents on that street? By the way, one of the options being considered by the folks working on the EIR for the Bicycle Plan involves encouraging even faster traffic on Masonic by eliminating street parking between Geary and Fell during commute hours.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I do not “expect to never have any accidents on that street.”

    Eliminating street parking sounds like a good idea.