How Can CBS Possibly Afford to Remake teh “Streets of San Francisco”?

How credible is this?

“Steve Keller and Mike Stone are back on “The Streets of San Francisco.” CBS is developing an update of the classic 1970s cop series starring Michael Douglas and Karl Malden.”

As this Web 1.0-enabled website ably documented, the only way it pays to make a show on the City’s mean streets these days is to have a smash hit. Don’t compare SoSF II with the original, compare it with the abysmal Nash Bridges. Remember when you could see all those non-hemi Cudas around town surrounded by fifty people doing nothing drinking coffee? That cost big bucks, like millions of dollars each episode.

And then you add in all the lawsuits and “confidential settlements” when your babe-magnet stars try to get a bite to eat? Read this SFPD police report (“they’re real, aren’t they?”) to learn more.

São Francisco Urgente, back when you could afford to shoot a TV show in SF:


All right fine, give it a try. Area locals Greg Dewar and Telstar Logistics will be excited for a while anyway.

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One Response to “How Can CBS Possibly Afford to Remake teh “Streets of San Francisco”?”

  1. greg says:

    I don’t know how they’re going to be able to do this since there are NO big soundstages for them to work out of when they’re doing interior shots.

    Quinn Martin had a special dedication to filming in SF and built two soundstages on waterfront property owned by Ron Kaufman back in the 70s that allowed them to do shoots. They also shot many scenes in the ‘burbs – as a kid I recall riding my bike and running into a mock shootout that was supposed to be in the Sunset, but was filmed in Burlingame. They also used to film on Trousdale Drive for shots also.

    It would behoove the powers that be to stop talking all the time about tax credits and instead get a real soundstage up, so more folks could film here. The dollar is weak we should be exploiting that.