The California Highway Patrol Wants You, Despite Your Marijuana History

Back in the day, one puff of the Mary Jane could be enough to disqualify you from ever serving the State of California as a member of the CHP. But the times, they’re a changing:

Experimental use of marijuana or other drugs may not be a disqualifying factor. The recency, frequency, and specific circumstances will be evaluated to determine your level of qualification.

Best of all, they’re hiring!

The pitch people saw in Summer of 2008 along I-80, America’s major east-west Interstate. Click to expand:


You ought to give it a try. See you at the Academy in South Sacramento. Don’t bring your drugs, but DO bring your bathing suit and “dusting supplies,” such as Lemon Pledge.

Srsly, you’ve got bring along some canisters of Pledge to keep things tidy. Then soon you’ll be making six figures doing the toughest job you’ll ever love.

See you there!

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2 Responses to “The California Highway Patrol Wants You, Despite Your Marijuana History”

  1. Dick Powell says:

    Thought any applicants might be interested in this article from Las Vegas, NV:


    NHP Trooper Resigns After Fatal Crash
    LAS VEGAS — A Nevada Highway Patrol sergeant who, police say, caused a fatal wreck while under the influence of marijuana has resigned from the force………..

  2. David Dudley says:

    …CHP hiring requirements are set by the State Personnel Board, not the CHP. The no-dope-in-your-past policy went out when Governor ” Moonbeam Brown ” appointed dopers to the SPB. I sat on 3 oral boards in the 80’s as the Dept’s Rep. By then, we only were allowed to ask questions about hard drug usage. Since then, even that has gone by the board and it is my understanding that the applicants only have to say they’re clean for 3 months to get considered. That’s not the only rules change. We were told by the SPB rep that even if an applicant came in with a seeing eye dog, a white cane and milky eyes, we couldn’t ask them if they could see, since that was a “medical” question, and we couldn’t ask or take those into account (?) It boogles the mind !
    …If you want a better Highway Patrol, elect better politicians. Elected officials make the rules.