MinuteMan Project Gets Shouted Down In San Francisco. Founder Jim Gilchrist Speaks Out.

This was the scene yesterday on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall. As promised, the Minutemen and women arrived at 11:00 AM, but they were met with a crowd of counterprotestors that numbered about 300. It soon became evident that the planned speech from President and Founder Jim Gilchrist wasn’t gonna happen.

So yes, the Minuteman Project’s message was shouted down, but that’s no biggee, really. Why? Because Gilchrist et al managed to get their message out eventually, through an ersatz news conference inside of City Hall and other conduits as well. NB: If you want to bring it to the belly of the beast, you’d better have a posse of hundreds instead of a couple dozen.  

Check this scene of a Wilfred Brimleyesque Minuteman being interviewed by KPIX-TV. Had no idea the amount of noise that could be generated by pounding on a plastic five-gallon Arrowhead water jug – it was substantial, so that pissed off the camerapeople. Oh well. Click to expand:


Comes now Jim Gilchrist (which means servant of Christ, in case you were wondering) with his “Dear San Francisco” letter.

“Dear San Francisco,

I brought the Minuteman Project to the steps of your city hall, not to foster the ridiculous hysteria or delusional perceptions portrayed by members of the ANSWER anti-free speech organization, but to bring awareness to the plight of cities all across the United States whose residents have been victims of violent crimes at the hands of illegal aliens.

The brutal carnage brought against the Bologna family is not an isolated incident peculiar only to San Francisco.

Such murderous assaults occur daily in cities coast to coast that promote a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens, whether that policy be supported by local edict (as in the case of San Francisco), or by a community’s de facto resignation to deliberately ignore laws becoming to a civilized society.

The Minuteman Project – Jim Gilchrist, President and Founder”

You can read a few other beefs they have here.

It seems there was some interdepartmental confusion that led to the recent MS-13-related shootings, but that communication between the feds and the local sheriff’s department is improving. They’re working on it.

Take a gander at some photos here and here.

And that’s that.

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6 Responses to “MinuteMan Project Gets Shouted Down In San Francisco. Founder Jim Gilchrist Speaks Out.”

  1. I heard that Gilchrist just got his ass whooped in court too and him and that Eichler guy have to start paying massive attorneys fees for filing frivolous lawsuits!!!

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Not sure that $9100 is massive, but it’s never fun to lose.

  3. This is just one of the Defendant’s attorneys bills. I think the 100 plus others that they are picking fights with… that 9100.00 or more dollars per litigant… IS MASSIVE. 😉

  4. sfcitizen says:

    O.K., fine, point taken.

    Jim Gilchrist appears to have a massive problem.

  5. sfcitizen says:

    darkside79 Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 4:16 pm edit

    “Hold on one moment. Now here you are calling Jim Gilchrist all these names and poking holes in his philosophy, but say “confusion between MS-13 gangs”? There is no confusion. One of those gang bangers killed a family of three for a terrible reason. Gilchrist was protesting the mayor’s policy of keeping dangerous illegals under the city’s protection in the name of “Political Correctness” and three people were gunned down for that reason. Would that make anybody think possitively if it was one of your family members that were to be gunned down by MS-13, a gang of mostly illegal immigrants that does nothing but horrible things to the people around them?

  6. sfcitizen says:

    The only “names called” regarding Jimbo were “President” and “Founder.”

    You mangled the quote about MS13 gang confusion, but it’s been changed anyway so there’s no ‘confusion’ about it.

    In short, some sort of miscommunication between local and federal authorities led to the shooting. That’s a fair statement.