The Famous Biker Limo Makes an Appearance in San Francisco’s Union Square

National Limousine Service Inc., purveyors of San Francisco’s Finest Limousines, has a great deal for you. You see, their latest Chrysler 300 comes with a:

“…Bentley grill on the front with fog lights. As you can see it has a motorcycle decal on the side. The motorcycle is a Bourget Magnum Fat Daddy, one of the hottest choppers made. It has suicide doors in the back and lambo doors in the front. This is a real eyecatcher and that’s just the outside!”

Wow now the interior, a beautiful color combo with the best assortment of opera lights, reading lights, fiber optic lights, bar lights, and the lights change color every few minutes, so cool. It has an amazing bar set up and 3 video monitors, a dvd player and a 2000 watt stereo system. Where ever you go, you will make a statement in this limousine.”

Click to expand:


Altogether now: “Potato potato, potato, potato….” down the street with all your friends! Click to expand, you know you want to.

Ask them for “the Biker Limo” – they’ll know what you mean.

Vroom, vroom.

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2 Responses to “The Famous Biker Limo Makes an Appearance in San Francisco’s Union Square”

  1. Chester says:

    Ah, too bad. When I read your post title, I was all set to see a really cool, stretch pedicab.

  2. gee, that was totally cool!