Why Some Cyclists Might Not Welcome Changes at Fell and Masonic

It’s safe to assume that wheels are in motion for changes at the infamous Fell and Masonic intersection. Even District 5 Diary’s Rob Anderson (and hey Rob, nice pullback on your recent reckless and defamatory post this past week) doesn’t object.

But here’s the problem for some cyclists:

 “A traffic signal displaying a red, yellow or green bicycle will usher cyclists through the intersection.”

That means you’re going to have less time to get across deadly Masonic on your bike. Hopefully, these changes will add up to fewer injuries but if you cross on a red bicycle light, as you might be tempted to do, any collision that results will likely be blamed on you.


The changes will take some getting used to, anyway.

Have fun, stay safe!

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2 Responses to “Why Some Cyclists Might Not Welcome Changes at Fell and Masonic”

  1. Rob Anderson says:

    The Fell/Masonic intersection has always been dicey, since you have traffic moving fast on Fell Street making the left turn onto Masonic. The moral of the story: everyone has to be very careful at that intersection. I have to walk through that intersection, and—surprise!—I often see both cyclists and motorists rushing to beat the light. It will be interesting to see whether changing the traffic lights will change that all-too-human impulse. It will also be interesting to see whether that change will screw up traffic on a major west-bound, one-way street.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Managing traffic on Fell shouldn’t be too much of a problem since they are taking out parking spaces and taking away time for cyclists to cross. Most of the cars that go up Masonic from Fell were already on Masonic anyway.

    If there’s an issue, they can start fiddling with how they time the lights.

    This is different than Octavia Blvd, where the light timing currently favors traffic on Octavia at the expense of all other traffic. Octavia Blvd. is not really fixable without wholesale changes.