San Francisco Loves the GUMBALL 3000 10th Anniversary Rally

Or Gumball Rally, or whatever. After starting up yesterday, there was a huge crowd today atop Nob Hill today. Was Willie Brown on the scene? Yes, he was. People came to check out Gumball 3000.  

Driving 3000 miles over an intense eight days, incorporating the cultural diversities of East and West civilisations; flying all cars and participants between Continents; witnessing the Mass Games in North Korea, the Olympic Games in Beijing; and partying each night fuelled only by adrenaline, amusement and amity, the 2008 route will undoubtedly be a real once in a lifetime adventure!

There was nothing politically correct about this event today. People saw all manner of products from Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley, etc… Check these photos from BERDERP / kap$hure / kapsure, why don’t you?

Let’s begin.

Good clean fun in San Francisco. A Ford Mustang, click to enlarge:


Taylor Street in Nob Hill:


Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico 30 inch wheels. Yes, they’re 30″ in diameter. Each 315/30 tire (just the rubber) costs $2200. You want. 


Irina Slutsky of Geek Entertainment TV talks about “Saudi slippers” with one competitor.  Fortunately, nobody attacked her.


This Porsche Carrera GT was obscenely loud even before getting amplified with a bullhorn.


A Camaro RS entertains the crowd. Sargeant Colla of the SFPD put an end to this kind of smoky burnout right quick.


An all-electric Tesla Roadster just before it crashed. Oops, just kidding. The driver of this car carefully put it into position. But seriously, the kinds of drivers this car attracts are prone to go too fast so they have more than their fair share of accidents. Who will be the first to die in a Tesla Roadster?


It’s dreamy David Hasselhoff . Knight Rider’s KITT was there also. “Don’t hassel ‘the Hoff,'” or something, that’s his catchphrase.


Isn’t illegal to have flashing red and blue lights on your car? Anywho, this SFPD officer turned away from the scene.


Baby’s first Gumball Rally:


More after the jump!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tesla Roadster! Ooops, it’s just a Lotus. That means it’s cheaper and faster, so you can buy literally tons of carbon credits with the money you save, right?


This man appeared to be in charge:


Mason Street in front of the world-famous Fairmont Hotel.


This thing was like a Critical Mass, but for cars. Public transit was blocked for a while anyway.


Hippies, as interpreted by non-Californians:


There goes the neighborhood: Break-dancing from a “Cuban Brother” in the shadow of the exclusive, all male Pacific Union Club.


The most popular vehicle by far – a VW microbus.


A Maybach 57. What could be more inappropriate? Sic transit gloria mundi


Many cars were festooned with all matter of radar and laser detector, along with more pedestrian electronics.


O.K., see you next year!


Noted participants for 2008:

  • David Hasselhoff – former star of Baywatch and Knight Rider
  • Rob Dyrdek – skater and star of MTV’s Rob & Big
  • Alfonso Ribeiro – Actor best known as Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Tyson Beckford – Actor and model
  • Joel McHale – Presenter of The Soup on E Channel
  • Pete Wentz – Musician with band Fall Out Boy
  • Jermaine Dupree – Rapper / Producer
  • Loomis Fall – Drummer from punk band Wax, contributor to MTV’s Jackass, and drummer for Scream for Me
  • Chris Pontius – star of MTV’s Jackass and Wildboyz
  • Bam Margera – skater and star of MTV’s Jackass, Viva La Bam, and Bam’s Unholy Union
  • Bucky Lasek – vert skater and multiple X-Games gold medal winner
  • Cory Nastazio – BMX rider
  • Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla – BMX rider
  • Willy Santos – skater
  • Paul Gray – Musician for the band Slipknot
  • Tony Hawk – skater
  • John Mayer – Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist
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