The Golden Gate Renaissance Faire 2008 is This Weekend in San Francisco

This weekend, you need to get on over to Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park to check things out. Bonus: the Obama people will be the scene.

“On August 16 and 17, 2008, Speedway Meadow will be transformed to a delightful Elizabethan town filled with myriad characters and vignettes resembling those of Shakespeare’s plays we so dearly love. In addition, over 900 costumed entertainers and over 100 shopkeepers and artisans will add to the ambience of the Faire.

“This year’s theme for the Golden Gate Renaissance Faire is Shakespeare’s Muse. It’s the ultimate Renaissance bash, a lively Dionysian party, where the guests enjoy turkey legs, exotic food, and drink as they banter with the myriad performers filling the streets.

You are so there. Here’s a small discount coupon. And take a look here at years past. What it looked like last year:

Jousting is the highlight of the schedule. Click to expand:


A gay wedding from the time 500 years before Proposition 8:


Here come the horses:


Target practice.


Hyper local produce from the Cabrillo Safeway getting sliced and diced:


The victor:


See you there! 

Daily Events & Stage Schedules 

These and many more acts will be performing throughout both days.
    Parades & Street Scenes:
    Opening Parade    10:00
    Mayor’s/Merchants Parade    11:00
    The Danse Macabre    11:30
    The Queen’s Arrival/Progress    Noon
    The Danse Macabre    3:30
    Closing Parade    6:00 (Sat)/5:00 (Sun)

    Crafts, Demonstrations, & Activities:
    The Scavenger Hunt 12:00 & 3:00
    Shyre Woods Woodworking
    Clan Iain Abrach Spinning, Cooking
    Any many more occuring all around the faire throughout the day
    Tournaments & Competitions:
    St. Michaels/DEMAS    Rapier Tournament (Saturday)
    Longsword Tournament (Sunday)
    Clain Iain Abrach    Iron Skillet Competition (period cooking)
    The Tournament Arena:
11:15    Military Demo   
12:45    The Knights of Avalon   
3:30    The Knights of Avalon
4:30    Battle Pagaent
    Queen’s Stage    Village Stage    Gypsey’s Stage
10:30    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus    Tobias the Adequate    Fowl Tales
11:15    Myth & Magic    Bella Donna Courtesans    Ottoman Traders 
Noon    Out of Kontrol    Belle Voci    Merrie Praynksters
12:45    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus     Tobias the Adequate    Siamsa le Cheile
1:30    Myth & Magic    Bella Donna Courtesans    Fowl Tales
2:15    Out of Kontrol    Bella Voci     Merrie Praynksters
3:00    Trey Cromwell: Danger Circus     Tobias the Adequate    Ottoman Traders
3:45    Michael’s Songs & Tales     Bella Donna Courtesans    Siamsa le Cheile
4:30    Myth & Magic    Bella Voci    Fowl Tales
5:15    Out of Kontrol    Michael’s Songs & Tales

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