How To Get Tomorrow’s News Today in San Francisco

Here’s how you do it – just wander outside on the streets of The City on Wednesday at around 8:00 PM. Chances are good that you’ll trip over a San Francisco Examiner dated for the next day. (What would “clairvoyant advisor” Melissa Alvarez, the Paranormal Examiner, have to say about that?)

Of course you won’t get to read about things that happened that evening, like a national speech given by Wasilla Warrior Sarah Palin for example, but you WILL get a sneak peak on the stuff you appreciate, like the new weekly City Hall Examiner page penned by Ivy League lawyer, Sweet Melissa Griffin.

Hooray for the Bulldog! Srsly!

In the movie Citizen Kane, Kane tells Susan, “The bulldog’s just gone to press,” to which Susan sarcastically replies, “Well, hooray for the bulldog.”

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