Shouldn’t Every Parking Lot in San Francisco Have Car Elevators?

This private parking lot near off Mission near Duboce has lifts that will carry your car as high as an elephant’s eye in order to let another driver park beneath. Aren’t they beautiful?

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We need these things everywhere. Here’s a place in town that could use a few lifts, right?

But once you start lifting cars, it’s hard to stop. How high can you stack them?

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2 Responses to “Shouldn’t Every Parking Lot in San Francisco Have Car Elevators?”

  1. Don Norte says:

    check out this website. I’m hoping to develop one of these automated garages to West Hollywood.

  2. Brad Davies says:

    Dear Don,

    The lifts in the picture were sold by American Custom Lifts. The model is ACC9. We now have a new model called the ACC6 CommericalPark. If you’d like to receive information, please call us toll free at 888.711.5438 or email me directly at

    Please visit our website at

    I hope to hear from you.


    Brad Davies