9-11 Truth March Comes Through San Francisco, Once Again

Well, it’s the beginning of September, so it must be time for another 911 Truth March in Golden Gate Park.

Turnout was better than last year, based upon this 2007 report from Zombietime, that dude from Berkeley. (Of course, Zombietime.com started as a “platform to expose the craziness that has emerged on the left side of the political spectrum since 9/11,” so don’t expect sweetness and nice at that site.)

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It’s hard to say just how this ridiculous conspiracy theory will hold up when compared with the tried-and-true JFK and Pearl Harbor conspiracy theories.  

Of course you are free to read the San Francisco Chronicle and then believe that “…there is simply no way 19 [people] with box cutters sent by some [person] could have pulled off the most perfectly orchestrated air attack of the century.”

Your choice.

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