Power to the Peaceful 2008 in Golden Gate Park

This is what it looked like at Speedway Meadow in Golden Gate Park at the 10th Annual Power to the Peaceful Festival 2008, Music Conciousness Action, featuring Michael Franti and Spearhead, Ziggy Marley, Warren Haynes, Rebelution, Martin Luther, King Britt, and Cheb i Sabbah.

No longer known as the “911 Power to the Peaceful” festival as it was in 2007, this year’s effort allowed you to hear about Aloysius Weasel Bear, and see about how to “connect the dots from Palestine to Pine Ridge,” and wonder about the call-and-response question, “Can you feel me?”

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Yoga Tree was in the house to inspire.

And there were 5 or 6 dudes trying to sell you weed brownies.

Of course.

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