Tens of Thousands Show Up for California Academy of Sciences Opening

Oh my. Today’s gala opening of our fabulous new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park attracted an enormous number of people.

On and on the line stretched. From Concourse Drive to JFK to Middle Drive East to South Drive to Ninth Avenue to Lincoln Way – that’s almost 1.5 miles (the long way) to the start of one of the Penguin Trails at Ninth Avenue and Irving in the Inner Sunset.

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Happily, they’re not making you wait in line all day. It’s all alphabetized based upon how early you showed up. Some got there at 5:30 AM. What’s your Entry Group name?

Dinosaur? Gorilla? Iguana? Yawn. What’s wrong with Darwin, Gaia, or Intelligent Design?

But what does the New York Times have to say about all of this?

The academy building is the last in a series of ambitious projects to be conceived in and around the park’s Music Concourse since the devastating 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Herzog & de Meuron’s mesmerizing de Young Museum, enclosed in perforated copper, opened three years ago. Scaffolding is to come down at the concourse’s neo-Classical band shell this week after a loving restoration.

You see? It’s all coming together.

This special day will go on until 9:00 PM tonight. See you there!

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