Former Mr. Danielle Steel Floats His Big Boat to San Francisco

The former Mr. Danielle Steel, Tom Perkins, had his large sailboat come visit San Francisco yesterday. The Maltese Falcon is certainly the largest sailing yacht in the Bay Area these days, so that’s something to crow about.

via Inky’s photostream

Let’s hope T.P. doesn’t run afoul of the Board of Equalization, which loves to tax boats and airplanes that alight in California.

“90-Day Test.” If the property is purchased (delivered) and functionally used (does not include storage) outside of California for more than 90 days, it is presumed to have been purchased for use outside California. However, if the property enters California during the first 90 days of ownership, it can still be considered not purchased for use in California if it can be verified that the property was used or stored outside California more than one-half of the time during the six month period following its entry into this state.

(Make sure you save the receipts for all the diesel this thing burns Tom!)

Look for this giant moored near Tiburon.

Happy Sailing.   

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