How Much is Your Moleskine Notebook Worth?

Decisions, decisions. After opening your new MOLESKINE, “the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, and Chatwin,” sort of, you are prompted to put a dollar amount on the value of your precious words:

“As a reward: $ _________________” 

My Moleskine notebook just magically appeared in the mail one day, so I don’t know its cost. Maybe $10 or so, that’s a good starting number. But what about when you’ve filled it all up? At that point it could be worth millions. So a safe bet is to update the reward value on a daily basis.

My precious! Click to expand:

After all, you could be the next Hemingway.

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2 Responses to “How Much is Your Moleskine Notebook Worth?”

  1. meli says:

    I superHeart moleskins.
    have a collection journals/drawings and agendas for a while.
    looking over for yet another, red

    nice posts! im liking <3

  2. rzu says:

    I have filled mine out like so
    As a reward: I will wash your socks.

    That always seemed more appropriate than any dollar amount.