What’s Up With the Crazy Shell Gas Stations of San Francisco?

O.K., here’s the South Park Shell on 551 3rd Street from the other day. Regular is $3.62 and Premium is, wait a second, only suckers get premium so forget about that. ¬†Anyway, nothing unusual.

But the problem is that Bryant Shell at 598 4th Street charges $3.98, ten percent more, despite the fact that these stations are just one block apart.

What’s up with that?

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3 Responses to “What’s Up With the Crazy Shell Gas Stations of San Francisco?”

  1. Derek says:

    It’s likely because of the proximity to the freeway. Someone low on gas as they come into the city, or someone who thinks they might not make it over the Bay Bridge, or tourists/visitors unfamiliar with the city who don’t want to drive around to try to find cheaper gas will all stop at the first gas station, not knowing there’s a much cheaper one just a block away.

    I’m just happy that the two Chevron stations on 6th and Bryant and 9th and Howard are both cheap, so I can get gas whether I’m leaving or coming into the city without having to go out of my way.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    Well, fair enough, but I had no idea that two stations with the same brand so close to each other could have such a big spread in prices.

    Lesson learned.

  3. Langtonian says:

    Might not be that simple. There was a Shell station at Harrison and 6th (now closed) that charged far higher prices than all the other Shells, even ones closer to the freeway. But it was because the owner was trying to make a point. I’ve noticed in general that Shells have a wider spread in prices than Chevron (at least South of Market).