Meet Board of Education Candidate Emily Murase

Well the election is almost here, so it’s time to meet San Francisco Board of Education Candidate Emily Murase. The scene below is from one of her recent events in the Sunset.

From another event on the same day, per San Francisco FYI Net:

“Emily Murase talked about addressing the enrollment crisis , closing the achievement gap and ensuring teacher retention and recruitment. Emily is obvious a planner, who researches her issues carefully and wants to help the school system. What a great way to meet a candidate (much more personable than the debate forums). Emily Murase’ house signs say “Kids, first, politics last”.

Emily Murase with supporter Amy Lauer and a youthful Obama fan at yet another house party meet and greet:

Emily has the endorsement of the San Francisco Examiner’s Education Examiner, Caroline Grannan as well as a gamut of local pols, including Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Senators Leland Yee and Carole Migden, Mayor Gavin Newsom, District Attorney Kamala Harris and Public Defender Jeff Adachi. 

See you on election day.

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