Entirely Empty MUNI CultureBus Sandwiched By Entirely Full #5 Fultons

This was the scene the other day in the Civic Center / Gough Fell corridor / Western Addition area  – a new yellow CultureBus turning left after riding along McAllister between two regular MUNI buses. The thing is that the brand new 74X Culture Bus was absolutely empty and the #5 Fultons were Standing Room Only.

The San Francisco Examiner has a front page story on CultureBus today: “Muni Waiting for Culture Vultures.” Check it out for their take on this new artsy bus. If a brand new bus line is meeting 75% of its goal, well, that’s pretty good for a “new idea,” isn’t it? Lots of new ideas don’t meet 7.5% or even .75% of their goals.

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These white signs seem like an afterthought, but they make things simple for tourists and locals alike. An empty bus going the right direction must be awfully tempting for passengers waiting for a regular MUNI bus. For a group of people, a taxi might be cheaper, of course. 

Good luck, KultureBus.

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One Response to “Entirely Empty MUNI CultureBus Sandwiched By Entirely Full #5 Fultons”

  1. shmooth says:

    i noticed another culturebus the other day – empty, of course. it would be nice if they just let it go free for a year or so, or just get rid of it.