The Airship Ventures Zeppelin Has Arrived in the Bay Area

It’s now, it’s wow. It’s the brand new Airship Ventures Zeppelin NT (Neue Technologie) and it just arrived gestern.

Read all about it here, here and here, (but of course Terence Chea of the Associated Press should take note that the Hindenburg was fueled with diesel, not “by flammable hydrogen“). Our new dirigible is fueled with gasoline and lifted by harmless helium so everybody should be very safe, unless they try to take out James Bond with the Golden Gate Bridge or something.

The NT04, shown as it looked above Monterey the other day, has a plain Jane appearance right now. The bottom of it says, “TO FLY: 650 969 8100.”  Click to expand:

via Esthr’s photostream

Look and see our our new Zep owning the snooty Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. (Man, that bus got totally pwned!) See more shots like this on the official blog.

So, look to the skies. You just might end up seeing the largest zeppelin in the world.

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