2008 Illegal Soapbox Derby atop Bernal Heights Cancelled by SFPD

Well it was on the Laughing Squid, so everybody knew about the 2008 Illegal Soapbox Derby atop San Francisco’s Bernal Hill. Not to be confused with the recent Red Bull event in Dolores Park last month, the illegal (possibly lacking a permit, and insurance, and…) Bernal Heights soap box derby has pleased one and all for years.  

But then word came from from Mission Mission that that Recreation and Parks Rangers and San Francisco Police Department officers would be on hand to shut this mother down.

And so it was.

This racer had to back his rig away from last year’s starting gate, later closed altogether, under orders of an RPD Ranger:

Things were no different at the bottom of the hill, with these SFPD officers giving the bad news to organizers:  

Genial sergeant Miller arrived to discuss matters with an organizer and respected neighborhood poobah Todd “First Class” Lappin, but any subsequent soapbox derbying on the hill was disorganized and fleeting: 

So there you have it, no soap box today, at least at Bernal Heights Park there wasn’t.

See you next year?

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