Should RFK, Jr., the NIMBY Quimby, Head the EPA?

Would Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. be an appropriate choice for heading up the Environmental Protection Agency in the Obama administration? Some think not. Why’s that?

Well, for starters, he’s the most famous Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) representative on the planet. We can’t have a wind farm close to the Kennedy Compound? Apparently. What’s so wrong with the idea of windmills at Yosemite or Cape Cod?

What’s the deal with turbines? Why does he hate them so? This issue would be an albatross around his neck from the get go.

Artists conception of the NIMBY Quimby as head of the EPA:

The other big deal is the whole thimersol /mercury / vaccine thing. Like maybe we should have a scientist instead of a lawyer at the top of EPA?

via Erik R Bishoff’s photostream

Science damn you, RFK, Jr.!

But hey, if Hillary Clinton vacates her Senate seat to work for Obama, then RFKJ would have a shot at a job where he could do less damage to the cause of Science.

There we go.

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