Is It Time for Tasers for the SFPD?

What we got for our recent $400,000 study of the San Francisco Police Department was a bunch of recommendations. One of which was to train officers in the use of Tasers.

This scene from just yesterday shows the detention of a suspect after multiple SFPD handguns were unholstered and drawn in a parking lot near the Golden Gate Theatre. One false move from this suspect and he’d have been plugged multiple times from three different angles. And then we’d have another officer-involved shooting, such as what we had with Asa Sullivan at the ParkMerced.

Of course Tasers can lethal as well. But it’s nice to have an extra arrow in your quiver, another tool in the law enforcement box.

The only way to find out if Tasers are good for San Francisco is to try it and see, right?

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2 Responses to “Is It Time for Tasers for the SFPD?”

  1. nanio says:

    Deploying non-lethal weapons lowers the behavior threshold for usage. You wouldn’t shoot a protester but you may well tase them. It wouldn’t even have to be a protester, maybe just some kid celebrating a game.

  2. Grisha says:

    Look at the Chronicle’s story on the Idress Selly shooting at the Metronome. Check out the graphic. He had a knife. The cops tried nightstick blows and chemical mace to no avail. Maybe if someone had a Taser, they wouldent have had to resort to guns and the poor crazy guy might still be alive.