Is Treasure Island Now a Gated Community?

Well, it was before, back in the day, when the military was there. But then the military left and things were wide open. 

And then TI became a real community, complete with a store (and without it’s legendary phone booth, which must have been removed over the summer.)

But what’s this? Is it The Man? Is he there all the time? (It seemed to be just a regular day.) 

Is Treasure Island just like Presidio Terrace now?


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Do incidents such as this have residents scared?

It’s hard to say…

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2 Responses to “Is Treasure Island Now a Gated Community?”

  1. Mark says:

    no, we are not a gated community. The guard is actually a nice guy and we need more like him on the island.

  2. sfcitizen says:

    I see a gate, a stop sign and a guard. Looks like a gated community to me.