Why is Bill O’Reilly So Afraid of San Francisco’s Presidio?

Check the now infamous Bill O’Reilly / Fox News video of San Francisco. Says Bill, in the context of personal safety:

O’REILLY:No, you wouldn’t go to the Presidio at night in San Francisco. I wouldn’t.”  

Check out the white zone up by the Golden Gate Bridge here. That’s the Presidio – it’s completely surrounded by low-crime white millionaire neighborhoods. Perhaps the famous Google Street View Car Incident from earlier this year ranks as the most noteworthy crime in the Presidio in recent memory.

The scariest thing ever in the Presidio seen at night – old school Halloween decorations near Arguello:

Click to expand.

Now, it’s easy to see why Bill might not like the official street signs of Presidio Boulevard, but would that sight prevent him from completing an evening constitution? Or maybe Bill confused this park with another? Golden Gate Park has it’s share of dangerous foxes, coyotes and feral cats.

That must be it. Otherwise, one might think old Bill doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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